By Phil Van Valkenberg

The woods were brightened with candlelighted luminaries and the glow of headlamps as racers skied through the night during the fourth annual 24 Hours of Telemark January 10-11.

Held on a 5K course at Telemark Resort, the Team Sports Events contest challenged skiers to test their endurance and determination. The resort's hallways seemed to have a near constant stream of traffic as racers headed to or from the start line to begin their laps or back for some food and brief sleep. With team names like Daydream Nation, Chix and Hix on Stix, and Our Wives Are Smarter, many skiers took a less than serious approach to the ordeal.

When all was skied and done 174 participants covered over 13,000K of distance, an average of about 75K per skier. Top dog for the men in the 24-Hour Solo Freak category was Matt Aro who logged 290K. Aro's triumph marked the first time in the event's history that 24-hour-solo-record holder Chris Ransom did not prevail. Ransom showed up and despite skiing with one pole and the other arm in a cast from a recent break, covered 122K while encouraging other skiers on the trail. The top honors for the women's solo 24-hour class went to Ransom's wife, Julie Lynch-Ransom, with 173K.

As usual the big Ks were racked up by the 24-Hour Big Teams which allow up to six skiers. For the second year in a row Skinnyski.com took the top award after covering 464K. The classic technique category was taken by the Birch Leggers four-person team which includes Silent Sports columnist Mitch Mode. They racked up 306K after a nightlong battle for first with the revitalized Eat, Bowl, Relax team.

Remarkable temperatures that never varied more than a degree from 20 during the entire event made for less arduous conditions than last year's deep freeze. The traditional playing of "Here Comes the Sun" heartened racers as they skied into the dawn. The 5K course consisted of 3.5K on natural snow on Telemark's Birkie Loop and 1.5K on man-made snow in the stadium area. The Birkie Loop which was boiler plate ice a week before had been reconditioned to a very skiable course with prototype Tidd-Tech sleds able to pulverize such surfaces.

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