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In response to your blantant affront by draging my name down into the muck where the Numbskis reside; I did not say that the Numbski handle had be taken, but instead the possible Numbnutz alternate name "Dirt Nap Commons" had already been used. If you insist on continuing to use the "Numbskis", "Lyin', Cheatin' Numbskis" or "Rightous but Busted Numbskis" you surly can. But I do not see the wisdom in using any association with a name with such a mired past; is there no hope of any reabilitation of your motley crew.

Harry Spehar of your past nemesis: Chix & Hix on Stix.

Mr. 24T,

Hey, I thought we were going to have a spot to swap smack about each other's teams? While I have no need to descend to the level of some who revel in trash talk, some venue is needed to air something that has gone well beyond a simple rivalry. This is not something that can be handled by gathering around a "Festivus" pole for the annual "airing of grievances". A tremendous affront to the dignity of our 24T Team has come to light which cries for public awareness and the swift application of justice. I understand that there is some pretender team that has stolen the Numbski name. This is clear copyright infringement which will cost the perpetrator dearly. But, since the courts move so slowly, we have decided, in the meantime, to name our 24T team "Harry Spehar Sucks".

Thank you in advance for sharing this with the entire 24T ski community.

Jimmy VandenBrook
Captain of the "Numbskis", the "Original Numbskis", the "Lying,
Cheating Numbskis", and the "Righteous Numbskis".







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