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Like many events, the 24 Hours of Telemark will need the help of volunteers like you to ensure success. You may even be a racer- many racers do help, and then compete in the event. Come join the adventure and be a part of the action!

Below is a description of various jobs. Choose the one that best suits your talents or interests. Also, keep in mind that there are many different shifts, so if you're a night owl, you may want to work the night shift.


We need your help...
Our Volunteer Coordinator is a really, really nice person, but doesn't get much email. Send your volunteer email here.

These shift are very tentative and may change depending on weather and various other conditions. Job shifts usually last from 5 to 6 hours. All of these jobs will need to be filled during the race. Shift times may vary from the list. We will work with you on times that work for you and can let you know well in advance of the race. Plan on being at your station 15 minutes prior to the start of your shift for training and plan to stay 15 minutes after your shift ends so you can train your replacement.

Wednesday, January 6
10am-6pm Venue Setup

Thursday, January 7
10am-6pm Venue Setup

Friday, January 8
10am-6pm Venue Setup
5pm-10pm Registration

Saturday, January 9
7am - 8:30am Registration
9:30am - 3pm Start/1st Shift
3pm - 8pm Evening/2nd Shift
8pm - 1am Evening/3rd Shift

Sunday, January 10
1am - 6am Graveyard/4th Shift
6am-11am Finish/5th Shift
12pm-6pm Awards/Results/Venue Breakdown

These are jobs that will be on-going throughout the entire event. These jobs will require that you be very familiar with the rules and regulations of the 24 Hours of Telemark.

Volunteer Food & "Gopher"
Keep volunteer coffee, food, and beverages available at Hytte; refill water jugs and coolers as needed; perform general "gopher" duties as needed; maintain radio contact for assignments

Course marshals
Volunteers will be positioned at two different places on the race course to ensure that racers are healthy and happy, and to maintain crowd control. You will also maintain radio contact with EMS and Base Station.

Emergency staff
These people must be at least certified EMTs, and other trained medical personnel who can assist EMS staff in case of injury, or any medical crisis.

Maintenance crew
Volunteers will make sure that the course markings are still intact, make any necessary repairs, etc. on the course, and install flashers for night laps. They will also help with clean up during their shift and maintain the start/finish area.

Venue setup
Setting up for the event is a tremendous undertaking. If you are planning to arrive during the week before the event, we could use your help setting up the tents, wiring the base area for electricity, setting up chairs and tables, installing signage, course marking, etc.

Venue breakdown
When all is said and done, the glamorous task of wrapping up from the weekend's activities must be completed. Breaking down the venue, taking down the race course, trail repair etc.

The 11th Annual • January 8-9, 2011 • cable, wi